Community Street League Tournament


Community Street League Tournament

Do you think your team is ready for the Big leagues?

Let your training do the talking and join the Streetballers Community Street League Tournament!

Duration: December 17 and 23, 2023
Match time: 6:00pm


1. A team must composed of 3 players
2. Only users who joined the Player Empowerment Program are entitled to the tournament.
3. All players must be level 40 max
4. Strictly no player subs and pilots
5. All players will be verified before the tournament starts
6. Teams should be prepared 10 minutes before their match starts
6. Players can now build their team as long as he is a recruiter and the recruits are all new player accounts.
7. For PH players only
Team Requirements:
a: 1 Recruiter, 2 recruits (new players) or,
b: 3 recruits (new player)
Match Setup:
Eliminations – Bo3
Semi-finals – Bo3
Finals – Bo5
If the teams are not completed within the 5-minute lobby time, the team will be automatically disqualified.
Rewards: (updated)
– 1 golden ball
– 6,000 diamonds
– 700,000 gold coins
– 50pcs rune tickets
– 50 pcs RST
– 200 pcs energy drink

1st runner-up (updated)
– 1 Ball Skin
– 3,000 diamonds
– 400,000 gold coins
– 20 rune tickets
– 20 pcs RST
– 100 pcs energy drink

Participation Prize: 150k gold coins

Shinji points verification
Patch notes November 22:
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